Teeth Whitening

Safe and pain-free teeth whitening is available at Sharkra.

A package of 3 BleachBright teeth whitening sessions completed within 7-10 days is recommended for first time whitening (discounted to $279). Single sessions are available for maintenance thereafter ($99).

Please Note: A doctor's consent is required for clients who are pregnant.



    1. How does it work?
      LED activated carbamide peroxide trays whiten top and bottom teeth quickly and safely. The trays do not contain any peroxide/bleaching agents, therefore sensitivity is not experienced.
    2. What happens after treatment?
      We advise avoiding high colour food and drinks (tea, coffee, berries, curries etc) and smoking for at least 24 hours after treatment to avoid staining (and the longer these foods and drinks are avoided, the longer-lasting the result). Homecare can resume as normal after treatment.
    3. How long does it last?
      Results cannot be predicted and will vary for each client. Whitening will usually last 6-12 months before a maintenance session is required.
    4. How can I maximise my results?
      Add an additional BluMinerals tray at your appointment (an additional 20 minutes, $42) for added stain protection. 
    5. How can I maintain my results?
      Enhance and maintain your whitening result at home with our BleachBright Whitening Pen or EBONiiVORY organic charcoal tooth paste.


    Gift vouchers available.

    Achieve up to 8 shades lighter.
    Teeth Whitening
    20 minutes