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Beauty Services

Caring for our clients’ health and wellness as well as their beauty needs is our priority at Sharkra. We provide a safe, hygienic and professional environment where clients can enjoy a manicure, waxing or a facial with privacy and safety.


Beauty Services

Cosmetic Tattooing

Achieving a natural, beautiful and subtle cosmetic enhancement can only be performed by a true…
Beauty Services

Eye Lash Extensions

Achieving a natural yet full lash extension service is our utmost priority at Sharkra. Whether…
Beauty Services


Gentle, natural, kind and beautiful are the words to describe the beauty behind our makeup…
Beauty Services

Manicure/ Pedicure

Experience a decadent, private and bespoke manicure or pedicure within the sanctuary that is Sharkra…
Beauty Services

Teeth Whitening

Want the dentist bright white teeth whitening look, but with out the sensitivity or pain?
Beauty Services


Enjoy receiving the correct brow and lash colour tint at Sharkra, every time you trust…
Beauty Services


The ancient art of hair removal lives on at Sharkra.
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