Top 3 Treatments for Summer

Shine this Summer with Sharkra's truSculpt iD treatment, Laser Genesis and herbal peels.

Shine this Summer with Tanya's top 3 skin and body treatments; recommended for their minimal down-time, and maximum results for glowing confidence.


1. Tasmania's only truSculpt iD treatment

Sharkra Medi Spa is proud to offer TASMANIA'S ONLY TRUSCULPT ID, a non-surgical body sculpting treatment clinically proven to permanently eliminate stubborn body fat.

truSculpt iD is a safe, pain-free treatment that combines heat and radio frequency technology to "melt" fat cells and reduce skin laxity.

There is no down-time following treatment; and the targeted fat cells are excreted by the body whilst the surrounding tissues tighten for a more toned and sculpted appearance during a 12 week period.

A truSculpt iD treatment only takes 15 minutes to administer, and clients report an average 24% reduction in fat after only one treatment.

truSculpt iD can be administered to most parts of the body, including the abdomen, back flanks, chin, thighs and upper arms; and many of our clients have been so happy with their first round of results, they've treated several other areas of their body for "top to toe" sculpting and toning.

2. Laser Genesis Facial

Experience Sharkra's ultimate anti-aging facial - our Signature Laser Genesis Facial; a zero down-time, year-round aesthetic treatment, designed to "polish and perfect" your skin.

Including our Dr Spiller enzyme peel and vitamin infusion for complete rejuvenation and nourishment, our Signature Laser Genesis Facial is suitable for all skin types, and will instantly reveal radiant skin.

Book this facial as the perfect pre-party season treatment, end of year treat, or post-silly season recovery treatment.

3. Herbal Beauty Peel

Our Herbal Beauty Peel is a gentle, plant-based peel prescribed to regenerate the skin; and give an instant glowing, firmed appearance without down-time or visible peeling.

Containing herbs, proteins, vitamins and enzymes, this unique peel is completely free from chemicals and synthetic ingredients, making it a great option for clients who love natural skin care.

Book this peel as an end of year recovery treatment, or as a new year new skin treatment.

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