Spray Tan

A Tuscan Tan spray tan at Sharkra will never turn orange.


Our Tuscan Tan spray tan is formulated with a violet base that will never turn orange so you can enjoy a beautiful, natural looking tan for 7-10 days. 


Tuscan Tan is safe during pregnancy and for regular application​.


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Spray Tan $55

Choose 2 hour solution for a light to medium tan or 8 hour for a medium to dark tan.

Maintenance Spray Tan $30

Available 7-10 days after a spray  tan.


    1. Shave, shower and scrub the night before your tan.
    2. Moisturise your entire body after your shower.
    3. DO NOT apply any body moisturiser on the day of your spray tan.
    4. Arrive to your appointment without any makeup or deordorant on.
    5. Choose to wear a disposable g-string or your own underwear at your appointment.
    6. Bring dark, loose fitting clothing (no denim) to wear after your spray tan.
    7. Wait until your tan has completely developed before showering. It is ok to wait longer than the developing time.
    8. Purchase our Tuscan Tan home care products to make your tan last.


    Our Tuscan Tan spray tan will never turn orange!
    15 minutes
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