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Skin Consultation

Discuss your skin concerns and start a bespoke treatment regime to restore your skin's health and appearance.

Includes health check, skin analysis with the OBSERV 520X machine, treatment and skin care plan, and before and after photos.

Laser Treatments

Our Cutera laser treatments, including our exclusive PICO GENESIS LASER, are available to treat any skin concern.

Resurfacing Laser Treatment
Reduce pore size, remove acne scars and improve skin texture with PICO GENESIS.
Collagen Laser Treatment
Advanced collagen stimulation to reduce wrinkles and firm facial contours with PICO GENESIS.
Pigmentation Laser Treatment
Treat Melasma and eliminate age and sun spots with PICO GENESIS.
Rejuvenating Laser Treatment
Revive collagen and give your skin an instant glow with Laser Genesis.
From $150
Acne Laser Treatment
Treat acne and inflammation with Excel V.
From $150
Redness Laser Treatment
Treat Rosacea and remove broken blood vessels with Excel V.

Laser Packages

Our laser packages are prescribed for optimal results. Receive three treatments within three months.

$1499 (Save $451)
Resurfacing Laser Package
$999 (Save $201)
Collagen Laser Package
$999 (Save $201)
Pigmentation Laser Package
$599 (Save $88)
Rejuvenating Laser Package
With Laser Genesis.

Aesthetic Treatments

Our aesthetic treatments are prescribed as part of a skin care plan, or to maintain results achieved with laser.

Potenza RF Micro-needling
Radio Frequency (RF) Micro-needling to assist in Collagen Production + Anti-aging + Acne scarring (Skin Consultation required for this treatment)
High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Skin Tightening + Firming + Lifting (skin consultation required for this treatment)
Anti-acne Treatment
Dermaplaning + Excel V + Laser Genesis.
Anti-aging Treatment
Laser Genesis + Microneedling.
Anti-redness Treatment
IPL + Laser Genesis + Ampoule infusion + Peel-off Mask.
Anti-scar Treatment
IPL + Microneedling.
Remove skin cell build up and facial hair for a smooth and refreshed appearance.
Regenerate collagen and improve skin elasticity.
Omnilux™ LED
Treat acne and aging with blue, red and yellow LED therapy in 20 minutes.


With over 30 years of M.D, dermal and aesthetic experience, Dr Ian Hoyle is available at Sharkra.

Cosmetic Filler
Restore volume to facial features and contours.
Cosmetic Relaxer
Reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.
Remedial Relaxer
Relieve migraine, teeth grinding and excessive sweating.


Our SkinCeuticals AHA Peels and Alex Cosmetic Herbal Peels are formulated to exfoliate, refresh and restore the skin.

AHA Pre-event Peel
Brightening and instantly refreshing lactic acid peel.
AHA Prescriptive Peel
Corrective peel with lactic and glycolic acids for acne, skin aging and pigmentation.
Herbal Beauty Peel
Revitalising herbal peel with holistic facial experience.
Herbal Phyto Peel
Corrective herbal peel for acne, skin aging and pigmentation.

Dr Spiller Signature Facials

Developed with Dr Spiller skin care for all skin types; our facials make perfect gifts or spoil yourself moments. 

Signature Facial: 60 minutes
Includes enzyme exfoliation, extractions/acne treatment if required, vitamin infusion, relaxation massage and treatment mask.
Signature Facial: 90 minutes
Signature 60 minute facial + added collagen treatments.
Signature Laser Genesis Facial: 60 minutes
Includes enzyme exfoliation, Laser Genesis and vitamin infusion.
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