Skin & Facials

Sharkra is proud to offer a suite of laser and aesthetic treatments to correct skin aging, acne, scars, pigmentation and redness.

Your skin health and safety is our number one priority at Sharkra Medi Spa, and our mission is to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.


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Skin Consultation

Our skin consultation and treatment plan development with the OBSERV 520x is a valued and necessary step to ensure your skin goals are achieved.

The OBSERV 520x is a cutting-edge skin analysis system that assists accurate diagnosis and treatment of the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin.  

Our consultation also allows you to discuss all aspects of your skin and body health with a senior dermal technician who will develop a treatment plan to safely achieve your objective.

Skin Consultation: 60 minutes

Laser Treatments

Sharkra Medi Spa is proud to offer a suite of state-of-the-art Cutera Laser treatments to correct skin conditions including aging, pigmentation, acne, scars, enlarged pores, skin texture, redness and Rosacea.

Our advanced lasers, PICO Genesis and PICO Genesis FX, require minimal down-time, and are prescribed as part of a premier results driven treatment plan.

Our Genesis and Excel V lasers however, do not require down-time, and are ideal for busy clients who want to care for their skin during the work day. We call these treatments our "lunchtime lasers".

PICO Genesis FX: Scars
PACKAGE: three treatments $1499
PICO Genesis FX: Pores
PACKAGE: three treatments $1499
PICO Genesis: Aging
PACKAGE: three treatments $999
PICO Genesis: Pigmentation
PACKAGE: three treatments $999
Genesis: Rejuvenation
PACKAGE: three treatments $599
From $150
Excel V: Acne
From $150
Excel V: Redness

Aesthetic Treatments

Our advanced aesthetic treatments are integrated into treatment plans to correct skin aging, scars and redness.

Dermapen Microneedling
Omnilux™ LED
PACKAGE: ten treatments $330
Price on application
Cosmetic Injections

Signature Laser + Aesthetic Treatments

Bespoke treatments, combining several modalities in the one appointment for optimal results; prescribed for acneic, reddened, aging and scarred skins.

$429 (Valued $478)
Anti-acne: 75 minutes
Dermaplaning + Excel V + Genesis
$399 (Valued $429)
Anti-redness: 60 minutes
IPL + Genesis + ampoule infusion + peel off mask
$329 (Valued $458)
Anti-aging: 60 minutes
Genesis + Microneedling
$229 (Valued $300)
Anti-scarring: 45 minutes
IPL + Microneedling

Herbal Peels

Our Alex Cosmetic Herbal Aktiv Peels are formulated with a mixture of natural herbs and enzymes to physically exfoliate and regenerate the skin.


Our Beauty Peel instantly rejuvenates the skin without down-time, whilst our Corrective Peel requires minimal down-time and is prescribed as part of a corrective treatment plan for acne, aging and lethargic skins.

Beauty Peel
Corrective Peel

AHA Micro Peels

Our SkinCeuticals AHA Micro Peels are formulated with lactic and glycolic acids to chemically exfoliate and brighten the skin as part of a corrective treatment plan for acneic, aging and pigmented skins; and require minimal down-time.


Our GL Peel is formulated for acneic skins; whilst our Sensitive Peel, known as our "Party Peel" , has an instant brightening and firming effect on aging and pigmented skins.

Micro Peel GL
PACKAGE: three treatments $249.
Micro Peel Sensitive
PACKAGE: three treatments $349.


Science meets luxury with our signature Dr Spiller biomimetic facials, suitable for all ages, skin types and concerns.


Reveal radiant skin with our 60 minute facial, including enzyme exfoliation, vitamin infusion and relaxation massage; harness the power of our 90 minute facial with added high performance biolifting and collagen treatments; or experience the ultimate anti-aging facial - our Signature Laser Genesis Facial.

Signature Genesis Facial: 60 minutes
Signature Facial: 90 minutes
Signature Facial: 60 minutes