Cutera Excel V Laser

Our Cutera Excel V Laser will remove broken capillaries, redness & Rosacea.


Our Cutera Excel V Laser is a targeted treatment for vascular skins to remove broken capillaries, diffuse redness and improve Rosacea.


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Consultation $85

Required for all clients before beginning a treatment program - we recommend a minimum of three treatments. Price redeemable at first laser appointment.

Targeted Treatment

Appointment length will vary depending on how many vessels require treatment - your Laser Technician will advise how much time is required at your consultation.

  1. 15 minutes $150
  2. 30 minutes $250
  3. 45 minutes $325
  4. 60 minutes $350


Free consultations*. Targeted treatment for broken capillaries, redness & Rosacea.
15-60 minutes
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