Dr Spiller Moisturisers & Masks

Hydrate & nourish your skin with a Dr Spiller moisturiser & mask, available at Sharkra.


Our Dr Spiller moisturisers deliver active ingredients into your skin and retain moisture levels for all-day hydration. Maximise your results with a Dr Spiller treatment mask 2-3 nights per week.


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Purchase in salon with card, cash, gift voucher or AfterPay, or call us to arrange postage for $15.
Prices start at $90 per product.

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Sensitive or Dehydrated Skin Recommendation

Sanvita Cream and Care & Repair Mask to rebalance and calm.

Aging or Dry Skin Recommendation

Collagen Cream and Cellular Mask for anti-aging and long lasting hydration. 

Acne or Oily Skin Recommendation

Propolis Cream and Terra California Clay Mask to purify and decongest.

Pigmented Skin Recommendation

Vitamin C Plus Cream and Sanvita Mask to brighten and restore.


Deliver active ingredients into your skin & retain moisture.
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