The Beauty Chef Range

The Beauty Chef edible skin care range is available at Sharkra.


The Beauty Chef dietary supplements are formulated to nourish your gut for good gut health - essential for digestive, immune and mental health, PLUS glowing skin, hair and nails.


Suitable for daily consumption, The Beauty Chef products contain pre and probiotics and Certified Organic ingredients.


BUY IT @ Sharkra or Call Us (03) 6224 3838

Purchase in salon with card, cash, gift voucher or AfterPay, or call us to arrange postage for $15.

Glow Powder $73

Add to your smoothie for a delicious berry flavoured breakfast and increase collagen growth for healthy, glowing skin.

Cleanse Powder $73

Add to water or juice to reduce breakouts, clear skin and detoxify your liver.

Body Powder $87

Enjoy this nutrient dense vegan protein powder in a smoothie, oats or slices to satisfy hunger and increase muscle growth.

Sleep Powder $55

Drink before bed in warm (nut) milk to relieve tension, unwind and prepare for a rested night.

Elixirs $49

Drink with water to boost the results you experience from taking one or several of the above powders.


Welcome to the world of edible skin care!
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