Shellac Nails

Enjoy chip-proof CND Shellac nails at Sharkra.

CND Shellac nails are a salon treatment that do not require any "dry time". Shellac is not as thick as gel, however is safe, lasts well and does not chip. Shellac does not add length to natural nails (Gel Extensions will add length).

Available for hands & feet.



  • New Set: 45 minutes | $45
  • "Refill": 45 minutes | $50
  • Removal: 15 minutes | $20
  • Repairs: 15 minutes | $10
  • French Add On: 15 minutes | $10
  • Nail Art Add On: 15 minutes | $10


  • Refills are usually booked every 2-4 weeks to keep your shellac looking fresh. Whilst called a "refill", all old shellac is removed with acetone soak off prior to a new set being applied at your appointment. 
  • Look after your nails at home with our ECOCOCO Body Polish and Body Oil for healthy skin & nails; as well as our Glow and Body powders by The Beauty Chef (dietary supplements), formulated with organic ingredients for skin & nails health.
  • Add our IBX Nail Treatment (15 minutes, $15) to your shellac appointment to strengthen and maximise nail growth.

Please Note:

  • Please come to your appointments without any product on your nails to maximise your results (for a new set of shellac nails).
  • Refills are available for CND Shellac only (no SNS or acrylic).
  • We advise salon removal of shellac to safely remove shellac and protect natural nails from breakage etc.
  • A 20% Senior Therapist Fee applies to shellac nails with Gabrielle Poulson.

Gift vouchers available

Browse our shellac nails menu here. $45-$50.
45 minutes