IPL Laser Hair Removal for Men & Women

IPL laser hair removal packages are available at Sharkra.


We have been safely and successfully treating men and women with IPL laser hair removal for the face and body for over 15 years.


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Consultation $40

Required for all clients before beginning a treatment program - we recommend a minimum of eight treatments.
Price redeemable at first IPL appointment.


Save up to 50% on treatments!

  1. SPEEDY $49 
    8 treatments to lip and chin only.
  2. SAVER $99 
    8 treatments to two areas. Choose lip, chin, sides of face, neck, underarms or basic bikini line.
  3. SMOOTH $159 
    8 treatments to two areas. Choose full face (lip, chin and sides), underarms, stomach, g-string or Brazilian (women only).
  4. SUPREME $199
    8 treatments to two areas. Choose upper back, lower back, chest, stomach, full arm, upper 1/2 leg or lower 1/2 leg.

Single Treatments

"Pay as you go".

  1. Lip $40
  2. Chin or sides of face $60
  3. Underarms or basic bikini line $65
  4. G-string $90
  5. Brazilian (women only) $150
  6. Half leg $195
  7. Full leg $395
  8. Half arm $90
  9. Full arm $180
  10. Men's full back or chest and stomach $340


  1. What is IPL?
    IPL converts light into heat energy to safely treat hair follicles, leaving them unable to reproduce hair. All coloured hair can (except white) be treated.
  2. How many treatments do I need?
    Approximately 8 treatments 4-8 weeks apart will achieve permanent hair removal. Hair follicles cannot recreate hair after a course of treatment, however a maintenance session may be required every now and then to treat any new hair follicle growth from hormonal changes or medications etc.
  3. Does IPL hurt?
    IPL feels similar to being flicked with a rubber band, however this sensation lessens as hair growth reduces. We will check how you're feeling at every appointment to ensure your comfort and safety.


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IPL Laser Hair Removal
15-60 minutes
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