Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattooing


Mimics brow hair | Lasts up to 2 years | Thorough consultation.

Pricing: Consultation 45 minutes $75 | Half set 90 minutes $390 | Full set 2 hours $590 | 4 week follow up 75 minutes $215.

Please Note: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for all feather touch appointments (including consultation).


  1. Does tattooing hurt? 
    No. A topical anaesthetic is applied before and during the treatment to minimise discomfort.
  2. Is tattooing permanent? 
    Feather touch tattoos last for up to 2 years. This means your brow shape/thickness can change if required.
  3.  Will I bleed during the service? 
    There should only be the slightest spots of blood, which is necessary to ensure the ink is placed correctly into the brow and the desired effect is achieved.
  4. What if I change my mind? 
    The first step towards having any tattoo is the consultation. Our tattoo technician will discuss shape, colour matching and medical background with you. A tattoo will never be performed without a consultation.
  5. Is there a risk of infection? 
    Feather touch eyebrow tattooing at Sharkra has been approved by the Hobart City Council. All legislation is adhered to to ensure infection control at all times. A tattoo will not be performed if you are feeling sick, have a cold or any open wounds to ensure your safety and wellbeing. 
  6. How long does it take to heal and what do I need to do for after care? 
    Your brows will take approximately one week to heal. After care is simple - keep the brow area free from cleanser and water for 5 days after treatment and use a calming balm every day for at least the first week to keep the tattoo protected.  An aftercare fact sheet will also be given to every client after their tattoo.
  7. Will I need a touch up? 
    Yes, you will need to come back to Sharkra 4 weeks after your initial tattoo. This is ESSENTIAL to ensure the desired effect is achieved.  Your brows will need touching up to perfect the finish and longevity of your brow result.
  8. I am on blood thinners. Can I have my brows tattooed? 
    Unfortunately clients on blood thinners are unable to have their brows tattooed, due to the excess bleeding that may occur during treatment and the potential for poor wound healing. 


Wake up to perfect brows every day.
Eyebrow Tattooing
45 minutes
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