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Sharkra Medi Spa is proud to offer TASMANIA'S ONLY TRUSCULPT ID, clinically proven to eliminate body fat.

Consultation (Required for all clients)
60 minutes: Allows time to proceed with treatment. Fee redeemable with treatment.

truSculpt iD Treatment

Sculpt your ideal body with one or multiple treatments.

From $1899
Includes 12 week progress photos.
From $1899
Back Flanks
Includes 12 week progress photos.
From $1899
Both Thighs - Inner or Outer
Includes 12 week progress photos.
From $1899
Both Upper Arms
Includes 12 week progress photos.


Our Submentum treatment is only prescribed as a package for optimal results; and customised packages to treat stubborn fat or multiple areas can be discussed at Consultation.

Submentum (Chin)
Receive three treatments within three months. Includes 12 week progress photos.
Custom Body Package
Includes multiple treatments. Includes 12 week progress photos.

Why We Choose truSculpt iD


truSculpt iD is a safe, pain-free, non-surgical body sculpting treatment that combines heat and radio frequency technology to "melt" fat cells and reduce skin laxity.
There is no down-time following treatment; and the targeted fat cells are excreted by the body whilst the surrounding tissues tighten for a more toned and sculpted appearance during a 12 week period.


A truSculpt iD treatment only takes 15 minutes to administer, and clients report an average 24% reduction in fat after only one treatment.
Results are also permanent, as fat cells cannot restore once "melted".


truSculpt iD can be administered to most parts of the body, and many of our clients have been so happy with their first round of results, they've treated several other areas of their body for "top to toe" sculpting and toning.

Superior Treatment

truSculpt iD is proven to be the safest and most effecting body sculpting treatment available on the market.
Read more about truSculpt iD vs CoolSculpting HERE.

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