• Acne scarring B&A.
    Tuesday, 3 April, 2018 - 16:22

    A alternative to chemical peels/laser, Needling stimulates collagen production to resurface skin affected by aging, lines & wrinkles and (acne) scarring.Read more

  • Coffee brews to refresh your skin.
    Friday, 30 March, 2018 - 18:48

    Baxter are a Tasmanian owned and operated take away coffee shop who transform their brew into vegan body products that leave you feeling revitalised.Read more

  • Soothe with Sanvita.
    Tuesday, 20 March, 2018 - 17:33

    A repairing cream from Dr Spiller with powerful antioxidants to visibly soothe, repair & protect skins prone to redness, irritation, tightness & discomfort.Read more

  • Refresh with our Dr Spiller Celltresor Overnight Mask.
    Tuesday, 6 March, 2018 - 14:44

    Achieve firmer, younger looking skin with our Dr Spiller Celltresor Overnight Repair Mask; and support cellular activity and revitalise skin.Read more

  • We love Tan!
    Tuesday, 6 March, 2018 - 11:16

    Tanya is a wealth of knowledge and experience, so who better to ask for skin, body and even life advice? Here are Tanya's Top Twenty-one Tips!Read more

  • Our March Ambassador.
    Thursday, 1 March, 2018 - 16:31

    We love Jen's passion and enthusiasm for connecting with others; as well as her innovative and creative mind. Read more about this wonderful Hobart local.Read more

  • Get clearer skin with these tips.
    Thursday, 22 February, 2018 - 12:33

    Is your skin breaking out and congested, and you're not sure what to do? Read on for our expert tips to treat and clear your skin of acne now!Read more

  • #industryroundtable
    Thursday, 15 February, 2018 - 11:34

    “Choosing a skincare range, you need to stay true to yourself and understand how you want to treat the skin and what you need to make that possible". - Tanya Ahmed.Read more

  • Yaz, our Feb Ambassador.
    Tuesday, 6 February, 2018 - 17:25

    We love Yasmin and her keen eye for makeup. This girl can really create the most amazing and flawless looks. Read more about this wonderful Hobart local.Read more

  • Perfect lashes.
    Wednesday, 31 January, 2018 - 18:03

    Make sure your silk eyelash extensions last, and look perfect at all times. Simple home care advice for your best lashes ever!Read more


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Did you know that Omnilux Red LED Light Therapy Therapy can be prescribed as an effective mood boosting treatment to assist depression and other mental health issues? -
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