Why you should try Omnilux LED

63 year old client: 14 days post a course of 9 Omnilux RED treatments.
63 year old client: 14 days post a course of 9 Omnilux RED treatments.

Omnilux™ LED Therapy is a non-invasive facial treatment that uses coloured lights (RED, BLUE and YELLOW) to treat skin aging, redness and acne. You can enjoy regular Omnilux™ appointments as part of a program or as a casual treatment.


  1. RED LED for skin rejuvenation, hydration and brightening;
  2. BLUE LED to treat acne, blackheads, skin congestion and inflammation;
  3. YELLOW LED for advanced anti-aging and skin strengthening, and to decrease the appearance of broken capillaries.

All appointments are booked and paid for with MINDBODY.
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  • 1 DAY PASS: $35
  • 30 DAY PASS: $220 (equivalent to $18.33 per session)
  • 60 DAY PASS: $420 (equiv. $17.50 p/s)
  • 90 DAY PASS: $620 (equiv $17.22 p/s)


  1. Book three 20 minute sessions per week for optimal and faster results (with at least one full day between appointments).
  2. Use our Dr Spiller skin care to enhance your results and improve your skin's health, texture and clarity.
  3. Use our Glow and Cleanse powders by The Beauty Chef (dietary supplements) that are formulated with organic ingredients to assist collagen and elastin growth for anti-aging, and detoxification for acne treatment.


Unfortunately gift vouchers are not available for The Omnilux Lab.