What is Fat Cavitation?

Available at Sharkra.

Ultralux 4 Machine | Consultation required | Fat reduction | Skin tightening | Safe & effective | No down-time.

About Fat Cavitation:

  1. "Melts" fat cells into liquid which is then expelled by the body's excretary and lymphatic systems.
  2. Feels like a massage and is pleasant and relaxing. 
  3. There is no down time, and your normal daily activities can be resumed immediately after a session.

What changes will I see in my body?

  1. Your skin will look and feel smoother (less lumpy) as the treatment rids your body of the excess fat build up and increases cellular metabolism.
  2. Your skin's colour will also improve and look healthier as the increased blood circulation oxygenates your skin and surrounding tissues, and flushes out waste.
  3. Six to ten sessions are usually recommended to achieve maximum result. This will vary ffor each client and results are influenced by age and treatment area.