Tips for the Perfect Spray Tan

Make your spray tan last.

Top 5 tips for the perfect spray tan:

  1. Preparation is key:
    Wax/shave unwanted hair, exfoliate your whole body, shower (inc wash your hair) and moisturise your whole body the night before your tan. DO NOT apply any body moisturiser on the day of your tan.
  2. Arrive to your appointment ready to go:
    Please arrive without any make-up (if you are having your face spray tanned too) or deordorant on. Disposable g-strings and hair caps are available to use at your appointment, but you can choose to wear your own underwear if you want to. The tan is water based, so will not stain clothing (will wash out). We also recommend wearing loose fitting clothing (especially no denim) to/after your appointment so that cloting doesn't "dig into" skin and affect the tan. 
  3. Follow the rules:
    Wait until the recommended amount of developing time has passed (2 or 8 hours) before showering. It doesn't matter if you wait longer than the developing time. Your first shower is a 30 second rinse only without any shower gels etc. Use our Tuscan Tan Toner Skin Wash for all other showers thereafter to avoid stripping colour from your tan, and our Tuscan Tan Tan Extender to mositurise and extend the life of your tan.
  4. After your tan has done it's job:
    Exfoliate and remove excess tan with our Tuscan Tan Exfoliating Mitt when your tan is fading away, and mositurise afterwards with an oil or butter to recondition skin.
  5. Rebook:
    You can book a spray tan as often as you like! Normally $55, your spray tan will only be $30 if you regularly book within 10 days of your last spray tan.