Improve your well-being and feel energised with Drip IV Vitamin Therapy.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Most medications are more effective when given intravenously, and the same applies to IV vitamins. The benefits are many, including increased energy and immunity.

Safe, fast and pain-free Super Hair Removal (SHR) is available for men and women at Sharkra.

What is Super Hair Removal?

The innovative technology behind our SuperLUX Super Hair Removal (SHR) machine allows for safe, fast and pain-free permanent hair reduction for men and women.

Our Cutera Laser PICO Genesis is the premier solution to skin aging, pigmentation and acne scars.

What is PICO Genesis?

Our Cutera Laser PICO Genesis accelerates collagen remodeling for rapid anti-aging and is the premier solution to pigmentation, Melasma and acne scars.

Our truSculpt iD treatment is clinically proven to eliminate stubborn body fat.

truSculpt iD vs CoolSculpting

Tanya tells why our truSculpt iD is undoubtedly the safest, quickest and most successful non-invasive fat reduction and body sculpting solution available.

SkinCeuticals' high potency C E Ferulic Serum is available at Sharkra.

The Anti-aging Serum Everyone Wants

Hailed as one of the best anti-aging and brightening serums on the market, SkinCeuticals' high potency C E Ferulic Serum is now available at Sharkra.

Achieve your skin goals with our Skin Consultation with the OBSERV 520x.

Why You Need Our Skin Consultation

Have you browsed our Skin Rejuvenation treatment menu and decided you want "everything!"? Find out what to book and which skin care will give your skin an enviable glow.

Diffuse redness with our Signature Anti-redness Treatment.

Our Signature Anti-redness Treatment

Our Signature Anti-redness Treatment targets broken capillaries and Rosacea with IPL and Laser Genesis, plus concentrated ampoule and mask in the one appointment.

Clear your skin with our Signature Anti-acne Treatment.

Our Signature Anti-acne Treatment

Our Signature Anti-acne Treatment combines dermaplaning, Laser Excel V and Laser Genesis in the one appointment to target and treat acneic and congested skins.

Correct skin aging and acne scars with our Dermapen microneedling treatment.

Tanya Talks Microneedling

"Our Dermapen skin microneedling treatment is one of my favourite treatments to perform and receive" - Tanya. Combine with our Laser Genesis for radiant skin.

Our truSculpt iD treatment is clinically proven to eliminate stubborn body fat.

Tanya Talks truSculpt iD

"truSculpt iD is one of the easiest fat reduction treatments I have ever seen" - Tanya. Look and feel better without a gruelling diet and exercise routine.