Sharkra Ambassador: Jen Murnaghan

Sharkra Ambassador, Jen Murnaghan of Digital Dandy.


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Well, this is exciting. I'm going to be your Sharkra March Ambassador for March! My name is Jen Murnaghan and I am the proud owner of Digital Dandy - a boutique digital marketing studio based here in Hobart. 

My work life is something I am very proud of and I am feeling very fulfilled with the people and connections being made. That being said, I have learnt the hard way how vital it is to maintain the me-time in my weeks and months, especially as a Mum of two boys! Four years ago, with quite a few health challenges to deal with, I had to take a difficult step towards self-care. I struggled to rationalise my trips to the beauty salon and had a terrible phase of guilt to deal with.

It took me years, but I managed to overcome this and that in part is linked to my experience at Sharkra. 

The reason I choose Tanya and her team is quite simply because they care. I admire their approach and the genuine nature of the staff. To me, that is really vital and something I work with my clients on religiously. Knowing your audience, their pain points, their strengths and weaknesses will result in a much more valuable service. The girls at Sharkra work hard in this area and it's so simple for me to enjoy every session I have at the salon. Even if it does involve a lot of wax!

This month, I'll be diving into that journey of self-discovery and how caring for yourself, both inside and out can impact your life. It's also St Patricks Day on the 17th March so I'll be sharing some Irish beauty secrets, which may or may not include seaweed and beer. 

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See you there!"