21 Beauty Tips for 21 Years!

We love Tan!

Happy Birthday Sharkra! 21 years of small business in Hobart is incredible! 

Congratualtions Tanya for your continued enthusiasm and tenacity - you inspire and motivate us every day with your drive, vision and innovation!

Here are Tanya's Top 21 Tips for looking and feeling amazing:

  1. Follow a simple, but effective skin care routine:
    Moisturiser and an Ultraceuticals SPF are a MUST during the day, and always remove your make up with a gentle cleanser at night. Follow your cleanse with a treatment serum, eye cream and of course a good quality moisturiser. I love Dr Spiller’s Aloe Sensitive Cleanser and Vitamin A Night Cream - they are fantastic!
  2. Have regular treatments to maintain your skin's vital functions:
    Our LED light therapy treatments can firm skin and treat aging, dehydration, pigmentation and acne. Try it with our Dr Spiller facials for an added boost!
  3. Improve your gut health to improve your skin health:
    Our skin can be very easily affected by what we consume. Try our range of The Beauty Chef products - they contain fermented super foods to ensure great gut and skin health. My favourite product is the Body Powder, but I also love the Glow Powder.
  4. Love what you do, and do what you love!
    I couldn't have lasted so long in this business if I didn't love what I do! It's so important to follow the path that makes you the most happy, healthy and productive.
  5. Don't neglect your body in cooler months:
    I have to be so diligent with exfoliating and moisturising otherwise I end up very dry – not a good look! I rub my Baxter coffee scrub into my body with a body brush before getting into the shower for an intensive and stimulating scrub; and once out of the shower I use my La'Bang Nourish Me body oil for superior hydration. 
  6. Eat your vitamins:
    Coenzyme Q10 offers exceptional protection from free radicals and inflammation; and is also essential for energy production. High coenzyme Q10 foods include beef, sardines, spinach and broccoli.
  7. Make your water more interesting:
    Many of us find it harder to drink enough water during Autumn as the weather starts to cool down. I flavour my water with antioxidant packed Elixirs from The Beauty Chef. My favourite is the Hydration Elixir - it tastes just like coconut water and keeps my skin hydrated (perfect for reducing fine lines from dehydration).
  8. Embrace pure essential oils:
    I love doTERRA - these amazing oils are a part of my everyday life! I love the On Guard roll on for daily use to keep my immune system boosted, and the Lavendar Peace when putting my girls to bed every night to ensure they get a good sleep. 
  9. No skincare routine is complete without a trusty serum:
    I love Dr Spiller's Vitamin C Plus Serum for it's richness and super antioxidant properties. It's the perfect serum to treat redness, pigmentation, and aging.
  10. Believe in who you are what you do!
    Life can be a challenge at times, but it's much easier to make decisions and move forward when you trust yourself and stay true to your beliefs and vision.
  11. Use a BB Cream:
    I can't live without my Aevitas organic BB Cream. I love the coverage - it's fresh and light, but still evens out my skin tone. A second application will also act just like a foundation. We have a brand new and even BETTER formulation coming out soon, so stay tuned!
  12. Smile:
    Smiling is infectious and makes everyone feel great. I use the EBONiiVORY activated charcoal teeth whitening powder everyday to naturally whiten my teeth. I can't believe how effective this home treatment is! 
  13. Sun protection:
    I know it's an obvious one, but SUNSCREEN! It's so improtant to protect your skin not only for health reasons, but to also avoid (premature) aging.
  14. Lip care:
    The sun's rays are particularly drying to our delicate lip tissue. Keep your lips hydrated and protected with our Dr Spiller Aloe Vera Lip Balm with SPF 15.
  15. Look after your eyes:
    I love using my Dr Spiller Silk Eye Cream for it's antiaging proteins, paired with our EBONiiVORY charcoal eye masks to "de-puff" tired eyes of a night time. They ensure I wake up the next day looking and feeling fresh.
  16. Be the master your craft through knowledge!
    After 21 years in the industry, I still take the time to research, read and learn. The industry is continually changing and it's imperitive that I stay up to date so I can deliver the most effective products and treatments to our clients. 
  17. Fake your tan:
    Don't sacrifice your skin for a tan. Come in for a Tuscan Tan spray tan, or for some of our Tuscan Tan products.
  18. Mask it:
    Our Sanvita Face Mask is perfect at this time of year. Packed full of antioxidants, this moisturising mask is an instant ‘pick me up’ with ingredients to soothe, smooth, visibly repair and even out sensitised complexions prone to irritation and redness.
  19. Exercise:
    You know the saying - "move it or lose it!" Exercise oxygenates and detoxes the body which in turn creates healthy cells. Skin glows with regular execrise as toxins are flushed from the skin. However if we don't exercise, our skin can become sluggish, lose it's glow and look dull - yet another reason to get active!
  20. IPL hair removal:
    Need I say more than "hair free, care free"? IPL is suitable for most people, and permantly reduces hair growth - no more waxing, shaving or ingrown hairs! 
  21. Infra-red sauna:
    Our sauna is perfect during the cooler months and treats a number of health issues including aches and pains, anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, digestive disorders, muscle injuries, sleep problems, sluggishness/lethargy, and weight problems.


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