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Sharkra Medi Spa Newsletter - January 2018

January is a time of reflection, for setting new goals, and to refresh and renew. Read our health and beauty must haves for a fantastic 2018!

Sharkra Medi Spa Newsletter - December 2017

Love to all past, present and new clients to Sharkra! We wish you all a very safe and Merry Christmas! See you in 2018 for more of our medi spa treatments!

Sharkra Medi Spa Newsletter - November 2017

Welcome to November and the Party Season Sharkra family! We hope this newsletter finds you well! Read on for health + makeup tips and IPL Laser Specials!

Sharkra Medi Spa Newsletter - October 2017

Welcome to October Sharkra family! We hope this newsletter finds you in good health. Read on to see what's happening in our Medi Spa world this month!

Sharkra Medi Spa Newsletter - August 2017

Hello Sharkra family!

As Winter passes us by we can see glimpse of Spring around the corner, and I I'm so excited! 

Mind you I really can't complain as I have just returned from an amazing holiday with my girlfriend in the Carribean! The sun was warm, inviting and never ending; hence I have come with the most outrageous tan. For those who haven't seen me yet, it's a beauty!!

Sharkra Medi Spa Newsletter - July 2017

Hello Sharkra family!

Welcome to our July newsletter. Well we are officially closer to Christmas than not!!! Can you believe it?? 

With Dark Mofo over we can now settle back into the beautiful freezing cold weather of Hobart. I say "beautiful" because at least we can snuggle up with our loved ones and keep each other warm and cosy.

Speaking of warm and cosy, who wouldn't want to get warm and cosy at Sharkra and enjoy one of our Luxe Facials?!

Sharkra Medi Spa Newsletter - June 2017

Hello Sharkra family,


Happy Winter to you all! 


I know most of us loathe Winter, but I have to be honest, I love it. I love the food, the clothes, the festivals and most of all I love that we can have all of our most valuable and effective anti-aging treatments (without fear of the sun or it's harmful UV rays)!


This month we will be focusing on getting our faces and bodies summer ready, as well as enjoying DARK MOFO!


Sharkra Medi Spa Newsletter - May 2017

Hello Sharkra family,

I hope you had an amazing April, and I can't believe we are in May already! Bye bye sunshine, bye bye sunny balmy days and hello Winter chill - I love it!

This time of year allows us to recover and treat ourselves from the Summer that was. Your skin may need some help, so why not have a course of IPL to rejuvenate and repair that sun damage?

Your body may also be in need of some major detoxing and cleansing, so why not purchase a pack of Infra-Red Sauna treatments and repair yourself with The Beauty Chef Cleanse Powder for the month?

Sharkra Medi Spa Newsletter - April 2017

Hello Sharkra family,


I hope March treated you well and you're all ready to delve further into our beautiful Autumn.  


Thank you to each and every one of you for making Sharkra's 20th birthday celebrations simply outstanding! What a fantastic journey to have travelled with you all. I am truly humbled by your loyalty, friendship and support; and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


Sharkra Medi Spa Newsletter - March 2017


Hello Sharkra family, and a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US ALL! YIPPPPEEEEE!!

On the16th of this month, Sharkra will turn 20! Yes! 20!

I honestly don't know where these 20 years have gone. Blink and 20 years have passed - what an amazing time it has been! It has certainly been a roller coaster!!! 

We have had good times, bad times and some extraordinary times of pure bliss! What an honour it is to have served you all for so long - I am the luckiest girl in the world!