Work Survival Tips!

Work hacks sorted!
Work hacks sorted!

Don't get us wrong - we LOVE working at Sharkra!! <3 How could we not? We work with amazing people, and look after beautiful clients! However it's sometimes hard not to day dream about holidays, and how great we feel while we're on them - relaxed, care-free; and often more active.

Thank you The Beauty Chef for 8 Ways to Stay Well at Work!

It's almost as good as being on hollies!

1. Preparation 
Spending Sunday afternoons planning, shopping and prepping your meals for the week means you're much more likely to eat well all week. 

2. Break the fast 
A good breakfast comprises of good fats, protein and plant based carbohydrates. Try a smoothie at home and then take your second course (for example a boiled egg, bircher muesli or homemade granola dressed with yoghurt and berries) in a jar to the office. That way you should really feel nourished all the way through to lunch.

3. Keep healthy desk draw snacks 
Avoid an afternoon energy crash by making yourself a batch of healthy treats, and upgrade your desk drawer packaged snacks with a mix of herbal tea bags.

4. Keep moving
Our bodies are simply not meant to sit for long periods.

Weave incidental exercise into your day wherever possible because it all adds up to better health. Simple acts like:
Taking the stairs rather than the elevator; or using your lunch break to take a walk or even a yoga session.

5. Slip away for meditation 
A 10 minute meditation session can help to recharge your mind mid-afternoon when your concentration may be starting to flag.

6. Hydrate
Staying hydrated not only helps keep you focused, but is essential for good health and glowing skin. 

7. Step outside
Founder of The Stillness Project Tom Cronin recommends spending your lunch hour away from computers, phones, air conditioning and fluorescent lighting. “If possible get into a park or amongst trees somewhere to rebalance,” he says. Studies reveal that your brain will actually get more of a break if you surround yourself in a nature filled space rather than an urbanised setting. Green environments are found to be a powerful stress-reliever and a great way to refresh the attention span. 

8. Find your balance 
To enhance your creative potential and productivity at work, try going for a dip in the ocean or breathing in sea air during the week. 

Stay well Sharkra family!