Why we LOVE our Work!

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Hello Sharkra family,

It's a rare thing to meet someone who can completely change your life in a single moment. Working at Sharkra we have the privilege of meeting so many amazing people every day!

We recently had the pleasure of meeting a lovely young gentleman, who was not only so polite, but had the biggest heart. He was sitting so patiently waiting for his mum in the wait area, and then got up to look at some of the beautiful IXL clothing range.

When asked if he was ok and if he needed anything, he replied with "I was hoping to buy my mum one of those dresses, but I only have $12 and the tag says $92. I don't think I have enough".

Unfortunately we were unable to assist this fine young man with the clothes, but we were able to help him pick a lovely candle for his mum (choosing to not let him spend his tooth fairy and hard earned pocket money).

The excitement at the idea of being able to give his mum something (because she's clearly an amazing mother) was ABSOLUTELY second to none!

A gift doesn't have to be the biggest and most expensive item. It just has to come from the heart and a place of love.

Love, the Sharkra team