Sharkra's March Ambassador - Martina from Pitbull Mansion

Martina is our March Ambassador!
Martina is our March Ambassador!

Meet our Sharkra Ambassador for March, Martina!

We've known Martina for quite a while now. She's a client of ours, and we're a client of hers!

Sharkra and Pitbull have a bit in common - both Tassie owned, "creative, knowledgeable individuals who are dedicated to bringing together unique brands from around the world to our customers". We're just twice their age! ;)

Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for some extra posts from Martina, and pop over to see the crew at Pitbull Mansion in Criterion Street!


Hi my name's Martina, and I'm your Sharkra Ambassador for March!

Firstly I just want to say I am extremely honoured to be Sharkra’s Ambassador for the whole month of March, and especially during their birthday month! 

I first met the Sharkra team about 10 years ago when Tanya did my makeup for a modelling job, and have been hooked ever since. 

Here’s just a little who, what, why and when about me :)

I’m married to a guy who’s had my affections since I was 12, and who in every way still does. He does millions of unseen things for me and is as solid as a rock.  I’m mum to three boys and owner at Pitbull Mansion. I also help my man with managing properties through his development business. 

It’s fair to say I live a busy life, but who doesn’t (!), and as long as all the business is leading to a greater goal then there is purpose to it all.  If I had time out it would be to sing, swim, walk our Rottie, watch my boys enjoy playing sport - anything relaxing.

I love working at Pitbull Mansion - our customers, my awesome staff and having the opportunity to be able to collaborate with other incredible local Tassie businesses. It truly excites me to see what awesome things others are doing and being able to work together and help each other is always a greater gain than flying solo!  

The girls at Sharkra have been a long standing support to Pitbull Mansion and we wish them a very Happy 20th Birthday!!!