Sharkra's April Ambassador - Alexia from Rude Boy

Squad goals! <3
Squad goals! <3

Tan and Alexia go waaay back! They've been friends for years and Alexia is well and truly part of our Sharkra family, so it makes sense to get her in on the Ambassador action!

It was wonderful to see this friendship celebrated last month - when Sharkra celebrated it's 20th Birthday at Alexia's new joint, Rude Boy. Love! Friendship! Cocktails! Bliss!

Watch out for posts from Alexia on Facebook and Instagram in April. And whilst we're watching our alcohol intake this month (post-birthday celebrations!), all things are good in moderation! Pop in for one of Rude Boy's amazing cocktails on Elizabeth Street!


I am very honored to be Sharkra Ambassador for April!

Why? Because my relationship with Sharkra has been from the beginning, and I've been very lucky to see this amazing business grow over the past 20 years. And secondly, because Tanya and I have shared an amazing friendship for this same period of time.

To be part of the Sharkra Ambassador group, and following Sharkra's 20th Birthday (the birthday party to beat all birthday parties - even my own) is the best!

I've been very lucky to manage Kalis Hospitality for the past 15 years. Along with my team we have grown and continue to grow, with the latest member of the group Rude Boy - the venue for last month's 20th Birthday.

My work and personal life align quite well - I love good food and a good drink. I'm known to "research" now and again, trying all the amazing produce and restaurants we have on offer here in Tassie and through out Australia.

Combining my love of food and drink and my work experience, I'm a born entertainer. I think it must also have something to do with my Greek heritage (but I try never to smash plates). If there is ever an opportunity for a social catch up I will gladly get the gang together, throw on some tunes, work out the menu and bring out the cocktails!

One of my other passions is Travel. I'm a sun chaser, and escape Tassie's winter every year, ending up in an interesting location where I love to immerse myself in the food, culture, drink and a beach or two if possible. I love it when my two worlds collide and I can find interesting trends to bring back into our restaurants. It's also a great time reflect on how amazing the Tasmanian Hospitality industry actually is compared to so many places in the world.

It's very fitting that the team chose me to be the Ambassador for April, the cleanse and detox month! I am taking the hint and running with it! I'm heading to the Caribbean this year, and I have some recovering to do from the past few months!

See you all soon, amidst the amazing products and services that Sharkra has to offer!