Reveal Beautiful Skin with a B Peel!

Reveal beautiful skin with our B Peel!
Reveal beautiful skin with our B Peel!

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If you have ever wanted to try a peel, but have been concerned about chemicals or downtime, worry no more - this herbal peel is the peel for you! 

The B Peel is a fast, easy and natural alternative to traditional chemical peels - it will leave your skin feeling rehydrated and looking youthful, ready for any big event like your wedding, anniversary or birthday. 

The B Peel utilises the power of herbs to assist with:

  • Anti-aging;
  • Brightening the skin;
  • Increasing firmness;
  • Acne; and
  • Cellular rejuvenation.

What types of herbs are used?

The peel contains the highest quality herbs that are processed via controlled organic cultivation and careful manual harvesting. Some goodies include:

  • Spiruilina;
  • Sage;
  • Witch hazel;
  • Ginsing;
  • Lemon balm; and
  • Horsetail.

Key benefits of this naturally powerful peel:

  • Noticeably visible (and immediate) results leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated instantly;
  • The long term effect is that the skin will be revitalised and smoother for longer;
  • No downtime or skin peeling - the B Peel will not interfere with your daily routine; 
  • Can be done all year round during all seasons, including Summer!

Love, the Sharkra Team!