Product Review! The Beauty Chef

Give Glow a Go!
Give Glow a Go!

We're forever singing The Beauty Chef's praises, but here's something from one of our wonderful clients! It's not just us that love The Beauty Chef!

"I've been using Beauty Chef Glow Powder, Collagen Boost and Body Powder consistently now for about four months.

I'm coeliac and started using the products specifically in an attempt to heal leaky gut. However I also wanted to try to improve the texture and elasticity of my skin - I'm really vain and wanted to give The Beauty Chef a try to get my insides right and hopefully gain some benefits for my face!

I now have a lovely bright and glowing complexion and couldn't be more pleased with the products! And, there was an absolutely unexpected bonus! I have not worn shorts in many years, however, I've noticed the skin on my legs is smoother, more receptive to moisturiser and I definitely have less bumps and cellulite. This is a side effect I was not anticipating but one that I absolutely love!!! It's legs out all the way and I'm wearing shorter summer dresses and shorts - which I'd actually given up wearing." - Helen