Party Season Tips and Tricks!

Shine this season!
Shine this season!

So just how do we manage to look after all of you wonderful people AND ourselves at this time of year?? Sometimes we're not sure how we do it, but we do it, and we LOVE it!

Read on for our top tips for staying healthy and suriving the Party Season!

Tanya - "My greatest price of advice my fellow party goers, is to drink plenty of water between alcoholic drinks! Such an EASY tip to remember, but it's funny how easy it can be to forget! Remember: Water! Water! Water! Or you could choose the clever option and not drink and just enjoy the amazing happy vibes of the festive season! Unfortunately I am not very good at the latter, ahahahaha! Also, be kind to your gut this season - show it love and give it the good stuff it needs! The Beauty Chef Glow Powder and Collagen Elixir are my go to's for everyday health - they are a winning combination! You could also try the Antioxidant Elixir to counteract those nasty free radicals from alcohol. The Beauty Chef has made it all the way into retail giant Sephora, and we are so proud to be part of their growing family. You know you’re on to a winner when Sephora jump on board! Well done The Beauty Chef for being awesome!

Sarah - "Keep your summer glow for longer….I am talking about faking it! Fake tan preparation is key to having a long lasting Summer glow. Before applying fake tan exfoliate your body to remove any loose debris from your skin. Once you've tanned be sure to use special tanning shower gel so your tan doesn't wash off and to keep your body's pH balance in check. Stick to lukewarm showers - nothing too hot which will dry your skin out. Last, but not least, apply a tan extending moisturiser daily to keep that tan glowing!"

Lucy - "Make your lipstick last longer! Ensure you lips are hydrated before you start your makeup. I always put lip balm on while doing the rest of my makeup so then they are prepped and ready once I apply my lippie. Line the outsides of your lips with a lip pencil and then go over all of your lips with the pencil to make the lipstick hold longer. And lastly, make sure your lipstick is good quality! Quality lipsticks have a lot of pigment in them to give you colour all day long!"

Amy - "Keep your look fresh from day to night with one of our hydrating Paintbox lipglasses! My faves are Orange Peel for a citrus pop of colour and Marigold for a metallic sheen. Keep your insides fresh too by mixing The Beauty Chef's Glow and Cleanse poweders into your morning water or smoothie. As Tanya mentioned, good gut health is SO important amidst indulgences and celebrations at this time of year!"

Michelle - "I love myself a herbal detox to assist and maintain overall good health and glowing skin. It helps my body eliminate toxins, which no matter how clean I eat some nasties are just unavoidable (plus I'm also a sucker for a piece of choccy!). I brew iced tea and sip it throughout the day - 2 litres of pure goodness! My favourite tea at the moment is our Ovvio Derma-Kleanz which is great for bowel and skin health."

Maggie - "When I think of the festive season, I think of glitter, red velvety lipstick and a little too much highlighter. With great difficulty, I’ve managed to narrow it down to two of my must-have products of the festive season - and they’re both available at Sharkra! For a girl that has been dealt the dry skin card, I can’t go past La'Bang Nourish Me oils. These body oils use coconut, sweet almond, grapeseed and avocado oils to keep the skin nourished and hydrated - a must have as the weather gets warmer. La'Bang goes bang –  you can’t go past it! I'm also a big fan of "no makeup" makeup – you know, full brows, feathery lashes, dewy skin and matte nude lips. This season, I plan to add a little pop of colour with our Paintbox lip glasses. They're super pigmented, contain vitamin E, and are available in a wide range of colours. For me? I’m all about the ‘Nude’ and the ‘Buttercup’ – but, on those long summer nights or NYE at Marion Bay, it’s the ‘Briar Rose’ or the ‘Tiger Lily’. Do yourself a favour and add at least one lip glass to your kit - you can’t go wrong!"

Karla - "To keep my skin healthy throughout the festive season my number one go to is LED Light Therapy! LED therapy creates balance within our skin, working on hydration, supporting environmental/festive stresses and gives the skin a fresh plump glow. Plus our Revive setting is also known to increase our natural endorphins and serotonin levels so a great pick me up when life is busy! Quick, easy and painless!"

Tory - "Wear a silicon based primer, like our PaintBox Photo Finish Primer, to keep your skin looking flawless during hours of dancing, without a shinyT-Zone ruining the effect of your makeup! To keep your mascara on your lashes (and not the rest of your face) I recommend our Eye Of Horus Mascara as this is gentle on lashes, long lasting, and easy to use even if you want to wear false lashes! Just put some on the bottom lashes, apply the false lashes and blend your natural lashes through with your false lashes with the mascara wand, keeping in mind not to push too hard on the false lashes! Enjoy flawless makeup, without seeing it move while you groove!"

Chiara - "This time of year is just the BEST! Everyone is happy and celebrating, the weather is warm, and we see EVERYONE come into Sharkra! To avoid feeling completely frazelled, I'm using my doTERRA On Guard essential oil to keep my immune system in check and my mood buzzed! Plus, if you haven't already heard me say it every day for the last 4 months, On Guard SMELLS just LIKE CHRISTMAS! How can I not use it? I'm also drinking a few drops of my doTERRA Lemon Oil in my water every day to cleanse my kidneys and liver. My Italian genetics forbid me from avoiding all the yummy party food at this time of year, so I've gotta make up for it some how! Plus Karla is pregnant, so I'm supporting her by having a festive season food baby, lololololol!" 

Tayla - "Whilst having fun partying through Summer is great, we also need to focus on exercising and staying healthy (so we can feel better about those Summer-time beverages)! You don't need a gym to exercise - take advantage of the sunny weather and go for a run or walk outside (making sure you don't forget your SPF)! All the Sharkra girls live by our Ultraceuticals SPF range - it's the just the best! If you don't want to wear your full coverage foundation whilst exercising we love Ultraceuticals' Daily Moisturiser 30+ SPF that doubles up as a tinted moisturiser! One of my favourites that we stock is the Ultraceuticals 50+ Face and Body Lotion. It doesn't give you that greasy uncomfortable feeling that you get from most sunscreen, plus you can use it on your face and body! There's nothing more important than protecting and maintaining healthy skin. Sun damage is one of the main causes for early aging! So have fun this Summer Sharkra family, but be safe!"