Nail Trends

We love a good nail trend!
We love a good nail trend!

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Nail art has been way more adventurous lately!! Some we've tried, and some are better left to the world of instagram and YouTube...

Never the less they are always interesting and fun!

Some trends include:

  • Chrome nails;
  • Holographic nails;
  • Mood changing nails;
  • Cat's eyes effect nails.

Now even though these designs are AMAZING and we love them dearly, nothing beats some good old free hand nail art, GLITTER and of OF course sticking to the subtle but beautiful plain block colours.

French design lovers have also been changing up their routines. Whether is ombré, glitter, or 90 degree angles instead of a beautiful deep smile line. 

Nails and their designs are as personal as it gets - they compliment our style. 

Just remember to please let us know if you would like nail art when booking your appointment (and bring in a rough design guide) so we can make sure we have sufficient time for your nails. 

And don't forget - toes love attention too!!

Love, the Sharkra team