Love! Ovvio Organic Tea

It's tea time!
It's tea time!

You really can't beat a cup of Ovvio!


Ovvio tea is lovingly created through the knowledge, passion and experience of renowned naturopath and herbalist Anthia Koullouros. Each cup contains only the finest flowers, fruits, seeds and leaves blended with love and respect for humankind, flora and fauna. Every sip offers a pure and delicious remedy for health and happiness.

Ovvio teas are therapeutically created according to the principles of traditional herbal medicine; each tea offers emotional, physical and mental health benefits – calmness, energy, clarity, restoration and detoxification.

They remain as nature intended: the highest grade of ingredients, unadulterated, unprocessed and naturally delightful, free from artificial and imitation “natural” flavours and 100% certified organic (ACO No: 11326P) which in turn means free of toxic and harmful herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers, weedicides and free of genetic engineering.

Enjoy Sharkra family!