Choosing a Nail Treatment

Gel, Shellac + Vinylux available!
Gel, Shellac + Vinylux available!

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We've been asked a few questions recently about which types of nail treatments are best and why; so we thought we'd give you the "low down" on our nail treatments.


  • Young Nails salon treatment only;
  • Lasts 3 to 6 weeks with proper care;
  • Buff off only (in salon);
  • Minimum 1 hour appointment time;
  • Can extend length of nails;
  • Builds shape to even out ridges;
  • Dries hard for complete nail protection;
  • Refill available in salon;
  • Is the thickest in application of the three nail systems used;
  • Can add nail art.


  • CND salon treatment only;
  • Lasts 2 to 3 weeks with proper care;
  • Soak off product (no buffing, means no damage to natural nail);
  • 45 minute appointment time;
  • Applied to natural nail (no length extension); 
  • Dries semi-hard to protect nails from chipping or peeling;
  • Refill available in salon;
  • Is not as thick as gel, but thicker than Vinylux in application;
  • Can add nail art.


  • CND treatment applied in salon, and available as a take home nail varnish;
  • Lasts 1 week with proper care;
  • Dries naturally in 8 minutes;
  • 15 minute application on it's own, or included in a one hour manicure, or 75min pedicure;
  • No base coat required (easy application);
  • Top coat reacts to sunlight (becomes stronger over time);
  • Can be removed in salon, or at home, with nail varnish remover;
  • Is the thinnest in application of the three nail systems used;
  • No nail art.

Love, the Sharkra team