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Skin and body sorted at Sharkra.
Skin and body sorted at Sharkra.

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This article is for every guy out there who:

  1. Is sick of body hair;
  2. Has muscle aches and pains that persist, no matter how many sports massages you have; and/or
  3. Has adult acne.


  • If you have been suffering with excess hair, or you would simply like to reduce the amount of hair you have, our IPL and Laser machines will dramatically reduce the amount of hair on your back, shoulders, chest, arms or legs for good.  
  • There is only mild discomfort experienced during IPL treatments, and the sessions are over before you know it.
  • A half back IPL treatment is $195 per session (30min appt), and a full back IPL treatment is $340 per session (60min appt). Approximately 5 - 7 sessions are required before you will be hair free. 
  • Book an IPL $40 consultation (30min appt), and we can start a treatment plan with you.


  • If you regularly go to the gym, you know what DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is!
  • Our infra-red (IR) sauna will help treat sports pain, injuries and general muscle soreness by reducing tissue inflammation and stimulating cellular repair for faster recovery.
  • Two - three sessions per week are recommended for optimal results.
  • Check out our web page for further info, including pricing and packages.


  • We have corrected many acne skin conditions for men over the years.
  • We have noticed that with stress, excess work loads, poor food choices, and excess alcohol consumption; more guys are suffering with acne on their face, chest and/or back.  
  • But we can help you!
    • Our IPL and laser machines are designed to reduce active inflammation and infection; 
    • Our Alex Herbal Aktiv Peels successfully treat acne scarring; and
    • Our Dr Spiller corrective facials calm, sooth and repair traumatized skin.  
  • Book in for a skin consultation with one of experienced skin technicians and start a treatment program with us to get your skin back in good health.

See our Men's Menu for more info about the treatments we offer especially for men.