Welcome to your career pathway at Sharkra!

At Sharkra Medi Spa we pride ourselves on developing professional, knowledgeable and highly skilled Beauty Therapists and Skin Technicians.

The Sharkra Difference

The difference is we care! We care about your future, your career, your goals and your career journey. We will guide you and ensure that you will reach your full potential and exceed your own expectations.

Our Coaching and Mentoring Program

Is highly sought after, and as such there are only limited placements available at Sharkra. If you are accepted into the Sharkra Career Pathway Program be ready to learn, grow and develop your skills, and excel in all aspects of beauty therapy, dermal therapies, salon management and nail technology!

Our Career Pathway Program

Is dedicated to those who want to join an outstanding and respected team of exceptional service providers and skilled technicians; and is designed for those wanting to succeed in their career.

You Must Be

  • Ready to learn and develop both professionally and personally;
  • Have strong work ethics and not be afraid of a hard work;
  • Be resilient;
  • Excited to work in our industry;
  • Above all, be a great team member who is reliable and trustworthy!

If you are passionate about the Beauty Therapy and Medi Spa industry and think you have what it takes to be a part of our team, Contact Us and let your career begin!

Warmest regards,

Tanya Ahmed,

Chief Empowering Officer at Sharkra Medi Spa

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