Top 5 Skin Tips!

Get great skin with these tips from Tanya!
Get great skin with these tips from Tanya!

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Wellness of the skin. What exactly does this mean?  To me it means healthy, vibrant, hydrated and youthful looking skin.  It means my skin feels supple, soft and smooth without having to spend hours maintaining it.

Here are some of my tips, to get your skin well!


  1. Follow a simple, but effective skin care routine. 
    Regardless of what you have done during the day, always remove your make up with a gentle cleanser at night. Follow your cleanse with a treatment serum, eye cream and of course a good quality moisturiser. SPF is also a MUST during the day. I love Dr Spiller’s Aloe Sensitive Cleanser and Vitamin A Day Cream - they are fantastic!
  2. Have regular treatments to maintain your skin's vital functions. 
    Treatments such as IPL and Laser can assist with skin rejuvenation and firm and tighten the skin; while our LED treatments are suitable for anyone needing a quick pick me up. Try our Dr Spiller facials which can include our LED therapy - give your skin a goodness double whammy!
  3. Improve your gut health, to improve your skin health. 
    Ensure you are adding pro and pre biotics to your diet every day, eat clean, healthy and whole foods to ensure easy digestion, and avoid any inflammatory foods. Our skin can be very easily affected by what we consume! Try our range of The Beauty Chef products! They have approximately 26 different fermanted super foods in them to ensure the healthy balace of good gut bacteria is maintained at all times. My favourite product is the Body Powder, but I also love the Glow Powder!
  4. Don't neglect your body in winter. 
    I know I have to be so diligent with exfoliating and moisturising during Winter, otherwise I end up looking like a scaly fish – not a good look let me tell you! I love using my exfoliant dry! Before I hop into the shower, I rub my Dr Spiller Jojoba Peeling Cream into my body using a body brush. The dry brushing stimulates cellular renewal and the circulatory system, and also assists with lymphatic drainage (reduces swelling and fluid retention). Once out of the shower, I use my La'Bang Body Oil for next level hydration. Try this routine for one month, and I promise you will see the difference.
  5. Eat your vitamins. 
    Coenzyme Q10 offers exceptional protection from free radicals and inflammation; and is also essential for energy production. High coenzyme Q10 foods include beef, sardines, spinach and broccoli.

    Zinc is an essential vitamin for wound healing in the skin. It is also a fantastic anti-inflammatory, and is ideal for the treatment of problematic skin types. High zinc foods include pumpkin and squash seeds, sesame seeds, dark chocloate.

    Omega-3 is anti-inflammatory, and is extremely beneficial for treating conditions such as psoriasis, acne, eczema and rosacea. High omega-3 foods include oily fish, nuts, flax seeds and chia seeds.

Love, Tanya