Sharkra Ambassador: Kate of The Breath Between

Kate is our September Ambassador!
Kate is our September Ambassador!

Our September Ambassador is Kate, a Rest and Renewal Coach who manages her own business The Breath Between! Seeing Kate at Sharkra this month is perfect timing as many of us try to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves in Spring!

Watch out for posts from Kate on Facebook and Instagram in September, and check out her webpage for inspiration for MORE ENERGY and enjoyment this Spring!


Hi lovely ones,

My name is Kate Cashman and I’m the owner of The Breath Between, a rest and renewal coaching business here in Hobart and online.

I’m honoured to be the September Ambassador for Sharkra. Like Tan and her amazing team, I’m really passionate about what I do and life generally, and over this month you’ll get to have a peek into some of the highlights on social media.

A few years ago I realized that I needed to explore more of who I was in the way I showed up in the world. I had finished a law degree, done a lot of traveling, had mortgages, was married with a young son and was finishing a PhD in forensic criminology and evidence law, and organizing women’s wellness events as a passion on the side.

But I knew there were other things calling. After a lot of personal work and some retraining, I also became a coach and advocate for living a more rested and renewed life.

Now I find balance and get to explore all the parts of who I am by teaching law students and police recruits at university, writing, running events, coaching amazing people on passion, joy, purpose and energy and spend a lot of time doing voluntary work with a number of incredible Tasmanian organisations.

I’m a Mum to two gorgeous kids, Spencer who is 4 and Poppy who is 2, I love to travel, am an avid fan of Suits and Outlander (hello Scotland!), I talk a LOT (and listen even better) and I’m a passionate Tasmanian. Welcome to my rather random, but multi-passionate life!

I can’t wait to dedicate September to super-charged self-care (it’s my birthday month, after all) and I’m so excited and honoured to have Sharkra along for the ride.